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Adventure Tourism in India

There is incredible prospect of adventure tourist places in India, due to diverse topography, seasons and climate. On land and water, under water and in the air, tourists can pick out from various option of adventure in our country.  India is the land with a wide immense range of adventure sports, activities and holidays, during summer, winter; autumn seasons. The Southern, Eastern, and Western especially in North India. Trekking and Skiing adventure sports in the Himalayas, white river rafting rapids of snow fed rivers are breath taking attraction in Himalayas and Uttaranchal, jeep safari, bird watching, wild camp, wildlife safari and jungle trail on Rajasthan region and North India, Paragliding, hand gliding, hot air ballooning trekking in Himachal region, Amazing wind surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling in crystal waters of Lakshadweep Islands’ lagoons and  Andaman Nicobar, water sports in Goa, wildlife and backwaters adventure in South India, these are just some of wonderful options for adventure seekers in various parts with options of different season in each sector.  Especially there is constant challenge of mighty Himalayas for mountaineers and trekking lovers.  Coniferous jungle, forests, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks are most potential places for wildlife lovers and trekkers.  India is the ultimate destination and absolute paradise for wildlife and adventure lovers.
It is one opportunity to leave all inhibitions behind and just go for exotic exhilarating experience for life time.

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The Best City Nagpur

Nagpur SanTra NagRi...                            

Nagpur City has many distinctions. Popularly called the Orange City, it is the second largest city in Maharashtra. It is also the second greenest in India and is located at the very center of the heartland, almost equidistant from Kolkata, Chennai and New Delhi and Mumbai.
Nagpur is a sprawling, seemingly infinite metropolis and is India's primary transport hub with all the nation's main highways intersecting there. And at the very centre of this national center is Zero Mile, marked by the stone obelisk that the British placed there, on whose surface is an engraved list of cities (spelt the old-fashioned way) with distances to each of them.
This city of wide, lush gardens and religious sites is culturally alive, and regularly hosts handicrafts exhibitions, tribal dances, and folk-art programmes. Many festivals are celebrated here, including the Kalidas Mahotsav, the Ganesh Utsav and Dhamma Chakra Pravartan Din.
Indeed, there's no better springboard to the wonders of Vidarbha.                                           Introduction To Vidarbha The vast region of Vidarbha stretches across north-eastern Maharashtra, with Nagpur as its main city. Rich in its biodiversity, mineral wealth and ethnicity, this verdant land with its undulating hills and lazy winding rivers, has many wildlife sanctuaries, forts, temples and geological sites. Indeed, Vidarbha is a veritable cornucopia of Nature's bounty; a lavish feast that's sure to fill up your senses.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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Leh and Ladakh in short :

Leh Ladakh

Ladakh region in general and Leh town in particular are two amazing place to visit especially at the end of summer and during the onset of monsoons. This mountainous region has enchanting beauty of the landscape and holidaying here is being in the lap of the nature fairly distant from your usual moorings and in the midst of an entire different civilization.

Leh is the capital city of Ladakh, while Ladakh is the plateau with interspersing valleys lying close to the Greater Himalayas. There are several ways by how you can reach there depending on the route that would be open. Srinagar and Manali are two major gateways to Leh, Ladakh.

Leh, Ladakh
Ladakh is alluring with its altitude of at least 9,000 feet overlooking the Kargil and Tibet border. There are also many longer trekking trails to choose from, such as the ones from Likir to Temisgam, and Markha Valley from Spituk.

Rock carvings found in many parts of Ladakh indicate that the area has been inhabited from Neolithic times. Ladakh's earliest inhabitants consisted of a mixed Indo-Aryan population of Mons and Dards, who find mention in the works of Herodotus, Nearchus, Megasthenes, Pliny, Ptolemy, and the geographical lists of the Puranas.Around the 1st century, Ladakh was a part of the Kushana empire. Buddhism spread into western Ladakh from Kashmir in the 2nd century when much of eastern Ladakh and western Tibet was still practising the Bon religion. The 7th century Buddhist traveler Xuanzang describes the region in his accounts.

In the 8th century, Ladakh was involved in the clash between Tibetan expansion pressing from the East and Chinese influence exerted from Central Asia through the passes. Suzerainty over Ladakh frequently changed hands between China and Tibet. In 842 Nyima-Gon, a Tibetan royal representative annexed Ladakh for himself after the break-up of the Tibetan empire, and founded a separate Ladakhi dynasty. During this period Ladakh acquired a predominantly Tibetan population. The dynasty spearheaded the second spreading of Buddhism, importing religious ideas from north-west India, particularly from Kashmir. The first spreading of Buddhism was the one in Tibet proper.

According to Rolf Alfred Stein author of Tibetan Civilization, the area of Zhangzhung was not historically a part of Tibet and was a distinctly foreign territory to the Tibetans. According to Rolf Alfred Stein.

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Mauritius brings to mind a tropical paradise, an island of dreams with a landscape so alluring. It ripples with volcanic skylines and pulsates with crystal clear streams. This melting pot of various cultures lends itself to a fusion of the past and the present. The result is a smooth blend of a relaxing and calming ambience that is distinctively Mauritian. A Holiday in Mauritius offers you an incomparable beauty that beckons you to kiss its pristine shores time and time again for your holiday.
Begin your holiday with a glimpse of Mauritius’ colonial history in the resplendent Port Louis, the capital and main port of the country. Introduce yourself to the island’s most famous bird, the Dodo, now extinct but forever remembered at the Port Louis' Natural History Museum. Then, amaze yourself even further with a glimpse of the rarest bird in the world, the Mauritian Pink Pigeon, along with over 140 varieties of birds, 2500 in all, in the Casela Bird Park set in the district of the Rivière Noire, and stretching over 20 acres of land.

 Glide through the Domaine Les Pailles nature park in a horse-drawn carriage, where a natural spring, a spice garden, a replica of a sugar mill and an old rum distillery await you. Or let the island’s mysteries unfold as you enjoy your walk on some of Mauritius’ beautiful parks, Réserve Forrestière Macchabée and Rivière Noire National Park. At the Domaine des Grands Bois of Southern Mauritius, lose yourself in parkland so magnificently rich in lush and exotic fauna, providing a backdrop for stags, deer and other wildlife. Or test your courage with a visit to the Nile crocodiles in La Vanille Crocodile Park.
Another thing of particular interest that one just have to see is the talipot palm found amongst the large collection of indigenous and exotic plants, including the Victoria regia lilies, of the Pamplemousses Gardens. The talipot palm is said to flower once after 60 years.

Mauritius seascape is also worthy of mention with its deep limpid blue waters, coral reefs and silky blonde piles of sand. Beaches, lagoons and inlets around the coast offer plenty of opportunity for safe swimming, and for those seeking a different kind of adventure; explore the famous underwater scenery of the Grand Baie through diving. One can also admire the colourful treasures of the Indian Ocean with a visit to the Aquarium, populated by 200 species of fish, invertebrates, live coral and sponges, all originating from the waters around the island.

When it is the thrill of craters and volcanoes that appeal to you visit the volcano of Trou aux Cerfs where you’ll find a spectacular view of the island from the rim of the dramatic crater.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

BHANDARDARA Place to visit...

Bhandardara is an excellent spot for enjoying luxury of the hills and is highly suitable for trekkers. Bhandardara is nestled among the Sahyadris and is ideal for tourists coming or going to Shirdi. The climate varies from extremely hot toextremely cold. 

 Bhandardara set at an elevation of 750m above sea level is located on the banks of the Pravara River. The place is explored by nature lovers who want to break the normal routine life schedule. The area is comprising offorts and rich historical background.
Bhandardara located in the district is one of the precious jewels endowed by Mother Nature. It is highly enchanting in the monsoonswith the trees soaked in rain and dew drops sticking to the leaves.


The nearest railway station is at Igatpuri which is 35 km away from Bhandardara. The nearest airport is Chahtrapati ShivajiInternational Airport which is 185 km away from Bhandardara. Road transport buses are freely available to and from Bhandardara.


Ratangad Fort is one of the captured forts of Shivaji who used to spend leisure time in the fort. The fort provides ideal conditionsfor trekking and is extremely scenic and fascinating to view. There are two caves which can be seen at the top of the fort. 

Bhandardara Lake is formed by the dammed waters of the Pravara River. It is also known as Lake Arthur Hill. It is located amidstdense forest. Sri Agasthya Muni meditated continuously at this place. The lake is a reservoir for Wilson Dam and is 34 km long. 

Mount Kalsubai is the highest peak of Sahyadri Range and was used to watch the enemies during the Maratha rule. It is a place meantfor enjoying trekking. A small temple can be seen at the top which has an old well at its backyard. According to belief the water in the well never drops below 3 feet. From the top one can have a good view of Bhandardara lake and Wilson Dam. 

Randha Falls is a 45 m high waterfall and is situated 11 km from Wilson Dam. The water of the falls is used for hydro electric generation . It is a fmous tourist spot in this area. It is placed in the Igatpuri region in the Sahyadris. 

Umbrella Falls are located in the close proximity of Wilson Dam and are ideal during monsoons. It is located near Randha Falls and is alsoused for hydro-electric generation.

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A day at Canada’s magical Ice Hotel

How to visit the Ice Hotel in Quebec City … without getting cold

CAN YOU IMAGINE a hotel made completely of ice and snow? No? I couldn’t either. And that’s the reason I wanted to go the Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada. I wanted to experience it for myself. What I discovered was beyond my imagination. If you are reading this on a sweltering hot, sunny day … come along with me and cool down …
The Ice Hotel — known in French as Hotel de Glace — really is a hotel made almost entirely of ice and snow. But it’s also much more. It’s an inspired meeting of art and nature, a scene of crystallized beauty in a serene Canadian forest, and a portal into Nordic myth.
“Magical is part of our philosophy,” my Ice Hotel guide, Julie Richard, told me.
I went on a perfect weekend in March, when everything in Quebec was carpeted with a thick layer of fresh white snow, and it was not too cold to enjoy being outdoors for a couple of hours (if you are suitably dressed in a parka and lined boots).

The Ice Hotel is only open in the cold winter months. It is created from largely man-made snow in a real Canadian forest near Quebec City, the capital of the province of Quebec. This province is known for being historical, French and, in winter, cold. The cold keeps the hotel from melting from January until March, and also provides a picturesque snow scene setting. However, you don’t have to actually get cold to experience the beauty and magic of the ice hotel.

A castle, cafes and croissants

Here’s what I did and what I recommend that you do, too, to enjoy a magnificent weekend experiencing the beauty of Canada in comfort and luxury. I took the VIA Rail train from Toronto to Quebec City. It’s about a nine-hour train ride, with a short stopover in Montreal (just long enough to buy some of their famous bagels).
VIA Rail Train from Toronto to QuebecBut this is not like a nine-hour train journey in other countries. VIA Rail trains are the ultimate in comfort, and business class is truly luxurious. Thickly padded seats, ample leg room, free WiFi and non-stop service from attentive and friendly staff regrettably shortened the journey. Snacks, full-course lunches and dinners, tea, coffee, drinks … it virtually never stops rolling down the centre aisle. You just have to sit back and watch the Canadian landscape flow past through huge picture windows.
When I arrived in Quebec City, it was a five-minute taxi ride from the train station to the 100-year-old Fairmont Chateau Frontenac. This hotel is one of the most magnificent in Canada, inspired by the medieval castles and regal chateaus of Europe and ideally located on a bluff overlooking the mighty St. Lawrence River and Vieux-Quebec (Old Quebec). From here, you can easily walk to many fine restaurants, bakeries and cafes offering French pastries, chic shops selling fashion and art and areas of historical interest.

Quebec City in winter is a wonderland. The old city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, North America’s oldest settlement and the only fortified city north of Mexico. The upper and lower towns are a warren of narrow streets and old stone buildings, some dating back to the 17th century and all beautifully preserved and housing cafes, galleries, fine restaurants and shops. A fine silting of snow is like a garnish on the European atmosphere.

Staying overnight is definitely an experience I want to try, but on this visit I was whisked back to my warm and lovely room at the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac, where I sat sipping a warm tea and watching the mesmerizing movements of ice on the St. Lawrence River.

Enjoy the amazing experience...!!

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Ladakh: The Land of Lama

Fondly referred to as the "Little Tibet", Ladakh is no more the India's best kept secret when it comes to tourism. This high altitude cold desert in India is a once in a lifetime experience.  Remember the ad of Mastercard…there are some things that money can’t buy?

Well Ladakh is one such thing. A trip to Ladakh - just like love - can’t be expressed in words. The mighty Karakorum with its cotton-wool peaks bounds Ladakh, a terrain characterized by vast barren valleys, lofty mountain passes, beautiful lakes, and the last undisturbed home of Tantric Buddhist population.

Ladakh’s arid terrain undergoes drastic weather changes owing to its elevation. Temperature varies in extremes both during summers and winters. That’s the allure of Ladakh. Summer is the best time to visit this magical land of Lamas and that is why it is the top tourist place in India to visit during summer.

Every summer motorcyclists from India and world gather in and around Delhi, Srinagar or Manali to embark on adventurous trip to Ladakh by road. Manali - Leh Highway is the favorite among the thrill seekers.

There are a score of high mountain passes including the tough Baralacha La and the second highest Taglang La along with the vast mesmerizing Morey Plains and the thrilling Gata Loops which is why motorcyclists - and even the four wheeler riders prefer Leh - Manali Highway for a road trip.

Do check out this travel journal  on motorcycle trip to Ladakh.

What are the attractions you ask?
Well the entire landscape of Ladakh is a sight to behold, the burnished mountainous terrain, sparse vegetation, snow capped mountains, the emerald Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri and Tso Kar and Hunder - also referred to as the desert in the sky - along with the magnificent monasteries in the sky are what makes Ladakh so special.

Pangong Tso Lake, Ladakh
Pangong Tso is one of the most prominent tourist places in Ladakh. Photo courtesy Ladakh by Road
Ladakh also has the power to bring out the pest of poet, thinker, writer and photographer in you. And if you are uncertain because Ladakh falls in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, know this that unlike the rest of J&K, Ladakh has seen almost no violence since India got Independence.

And if you are a woman traveling alone in India considering the safety issue, rest assured that Ladakh is the safest place on the planet when its come to the safety and security of women. If you are planning to visit any other tourist place in India, do check out our post regarding Is India safe for women traveling alone.

Where is the luxury you ask?

Well there won’t be a Leela Goa or Taj Lake Palace like luxury in Ladakh but the Grand Dragon in Leh offers a lavish stay. If you are heading to Pangong Tso or Nubra Valley, there are many luxury tents and deluxe accommodations with running hot water faciltity.

Don’t expect eclectic cuisines as you will be served basic Ladakhi cuisines if you are venturing out of Leh but then the sight of the emerald water of Pangong Lake bound by mountains and the desert safari in the double humped Bactrian camel at Hunder are once in a lifetime experience…and they more than suffice for a luxury suite or wholesome meal.

The  best time to visit Ladakh - especially if you are looking forward to motorcycle trip to Ladakh - is June and September. However Ladakh also happens to be the one of the top places to India to visit during monsoon as it seldom rains here.

Luxe Recommendation: Hire a Royal Enfield either from Delhi or Manali and embark on an unforgettable motorcycle trip to Ladakh via Leh Manali Highway. Have at least 15 days up your sleeve. Enjoy an awe inspiring ride along the vast stretches of arid landscape, high mountain passes, vasr stretches of plain and sporadic signs of human settlements as you drive from Rohtang Pass towards Leh, the administrative center of Ladakh. For family and couples here's this ultimate Ladakh Holiday Package.

Due to some restrictions and harsh climate, do refer to the travel essentials if you are planning a trip to Ladakh. Check out this Ladakh trip planner.

Fondly referred to as the "Little Tibet", Ladakh is no more the India's best kept secret when it comes to tourism. This high altitude cold desert in India is a once in a lifetime experience.  Remember the ad of Mastercard…there are some things that money can’t buy?
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Fondly referred to as the "Little Tibet", Ladakh is no more the India's best kept secret when it comes to tourism. This high altitude cold desert in India is a once in a lifetime experience.  Remember the ad of Mastercard…there are some things that money can’t buy?
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Fondly referred to as the "Little Tibet", Ladakh is no more the India's best kept secret when it comes to tourism. This high altitude cold desert in India is a once in a lifetime experience.  Remember the ad of Mastercard…there are some things that money can’t buy?
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Ooty Tourism nature’s abode and manmade wonder

Hill stations are always a perfect retreat for the entire family, visiting Ooty will make you feel this in every sense. Whether a newly married couple, family or a short break alone away from the hustle and bustle of city life; a tour to Ooty will leave you relaxed and awestruck by nature’s beauty. Below are some of the most popular destinations Ooty has to offer:

Rose garden: Ooty is home to India’s largest rose garden where you can find more than 20,000 varieties of roses! The sight of this garden is truly a visual treat. This place is a must visit for every visitor and will surely make you marvel at nature’s beauty.

Deer Park: For the wildlife adventurers, Ooty’s deer park is the ideal spot. Enjoy the beautiful view spread across acres of land and go deer spotting. Take your camera along and you could get to capture some rare moments too.

Ooty lake and Kalhatti Falls: The Ooty lake and Kalhatti falls will leave you mesmerized by their beauty. At the Ooty lake, you can experience peace with your loved ones on a boat ride across 65 acres. The Kalhatti falls on the other hand will charm you with their mystical presence.

St. Stephen's Church: revisit the Gothic era at St. Stephen Church and marvel at the man-made beauty you witness here. The artistically done interiors and the spectacular inside view will give you a divine feel. 

Honey and Bee museum: This museum is dedicated completely to efforts that go into making of honey. Right from bee farming to the honey collection process, whatever goes into the making of honey will surely surprise you after visiting the honey and bee museum.

If you are looking for destinations that provide the wholesome experience of nature, wildlife and man-made beauty, then a tour to Ooty awaits you!

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Goa in Monsoon...

Goa is India's smallest and most liberated state. It was actually a colony of Portugal up until 1961, and a strong Portuguese influence still remains. Goa's coastline stretches for around 100 kilometers (62 miles) and its beaches have become extremely popular tourist destinations.
However, Goa has much more to offer than just the beach! It’s especially beautiful during monsoon time from June to September, when nature flourishes, the rain brings refreshment and romance, and Goa takes on a more traditional flavor. Travel to Goa during the monsoon and you'll be able to experience it the local Goan way.

Attractions During the Monsoon Season :
 Goa's picturesque wildlife sanctuaries are open all year round. The major ones are Mollem National Park and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. They are harder to reach than Bondla, the smallest and most accessible sanctuary in Goa, though. As well as nature trails, Bondla has a mini zoo and deer safari park, which is great for kids. The imposing Dudhsagar Falls, located on the fringe of the Mollem National Park, is at its best during the monsoon as the water rages down from a huge height.

Another great place to visit during the monsoon in Goa is the acclaimed spice plantation in Savoi, reached by an enchanting drive through dense jungles and hills from Ponda. An evening boat cruise up the Mandovi River from Panaji is enjoyable, and Goa’s historic character-filled buildings provide much interest. Fishing in any of Goa’s rivers is also fun, as too is white water rafting!

Festivals During the Monsoon Season

One of the best reasons to visit Goa during the monsoon is the vibrant festivals that take place. The most popular festival, Sao-Joao (the fertility feast of Saint John the Baptist), is celebrated in late June and involves the interesting feat of men jumping into overflowing village wells to retrieve bottles of local feni alcohol. The feast of Saints Peter and Paul, at the end of June, sees people sailing up river on rafts performing plays and songs. In late August, the carnival-like Bonderam flag festival is held on tiny Divar Island, off the coast from Panaji. Ganesh Chaturthi is also observed in Goa.

Where to Stay

The Wildernest Nature Resort offers enticing monsoon season specials, and it’s an incredible place to stay right amongst nature. Cottages start from 5,500 rupees ($100) per night for a double, including all meals, tax, and activities such as nature walks, eco tours and trekking. This is almost 50% less than peak season rates. You'll also find very enticing monsoon rates at most luxury hotels in Goa.

If you're looking for a more casual experience, Olaulim Backyards is a fabulous eco-friendly homestay located on the banks of the Mandovi River. They offer monsoon packages, including white water rafting and host of other activities. Children will love it there.

Where to Eat

Restaurants that aren’t located on the beach usually stay open during the monsoon. Lloyd’s in Calangute (after the chapel, on the Candolim Main Road) is the place to be on a stormy monsoon evening. It serves delicious Goan home cooking and is open through the night. The atmosphere is friendly and entertaining, with many people passing by and dropping in. You can also try Britto's on Baga Beach for seafood.

Nightlife During the Monsoon Season

Goa's renowned nightlife is minimal during the monsoon, however the infamous Mambo's and Tito's at Baga Beach both rock all year round. The bar at The Park Hotel in Calangute is hip bar with regular DJs. Live musicians can be heard at the more laid back Cavala, near Baga Beach. This place caters to an older crowd. There's live retro and rock on Friday nights and retro, jive, and salsa on Saturday nights from 8 p.m. Check out the listings on What's Up Goa to see what's on in Goa and when. You may also want to try your luck at one of Goa's top casinos.

Getting There

Goa is well connected to the rest of India by all types of transport.However, the bus can be slow and uncomfortable so try to fly or take the train where possible.

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Romantic Honeymoon Destinations during Monsoon

The marriage celebrations are finally over. And, now it is time for your honeymoon planning. But wait! Are you worried that the monsoon rains will spoil your entire trip? Well, movies always depict monsoon as the season of love. So, staying indoors and waiting for the weather to clear up does not make any sense. Here are some honeymoon destinations in India that look even more beautiful and picturesque during this season.

Valley of Flowers:

Known as the nature’s gift to mankind, the Valley of Flowers looks as beautiful as it sounds. During the monsoons, this region in the Chamoli district, comes alive with more than 400 varieties of flowers in their full bloom. This national park remains covered with thick blanket of snow during the winters. So, the best time to visit the valley is from June to October. Also, if you and your spouse are fond of trekking, then this is an ideal destination for you.

Coorg :

Fondly called as the Scotland of India, Coorg is the most affluent hill station of Karnataka. With its gorgeous sceneries, tinkling waterfalls and vast coffee plantations, it is the perfect getaway for couples seeking scenic beauty. The 'Kashmir of South', Coorg is famous for its Abbey and Iruppu waterfalls, which look stunning during the monsoons. Also, if you are into adventure sports, then climb the highest peak of Tadiandamol, which is known for its wonderful scenery.

Shillong :

Nestled in the abode of clouds, Shillong in Meghalaya is one of the most underrated hill stations in the country. Known for its captivating view, the city looks even more beautiful during the monsoons. If you do not mind getting drenched, this place is the perfect getaway for couples who want to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul after the hectic wedding celebrations. Also, monsoon is the best season to enjoy the waterfalls here. You must visit the Elephant Falls and the Spread Eagle Falls. For all those foodies, the place also offers amazing Tibetan delicacies.

Puducherry :


When you think of Puducherry (formerly known as Pondicherry), you visualise images of beautiful beaches, and buildings from the colonial era. And, that is what this French Riviera of the East is all about. If you love taking long walks with your spouse in the rain, Puducherry is the place for you. You can visit popular beaches, such as Auroville beach, Serenity beach, and Villianur beach. Besides these, you can also visit the Goubert market for some knick-knacks and the Chunnambar boat house to enjoy some water sports.

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50 Things to do & see in Rajasthan

Rajasthan greatly boasts of its magnificent forts, prosperous culture and exceptional landscape that add to the attractions in Rajasthan. To come to think of it, when we plan a trip to Rajasthan we happen to focus on things that we mostly read or hear about , however the fact remains there is so much that we miss out in this approach..!

THEREFORE we have sort out a list of 50 things that you must try on your tour. Our list shall focus on things from what you should see in Rajasthan to what activities you can enjoy in Rajasthan, from where to shop in Rajasthan to which festivals you must attend in the state, this list indeed will be your ultimate Rajasthan travel guide, so further ado let us get started with it..!

Temples in Rajasthan:


Temples are amongst the famous attractions in Rajasthan. These magnificent temples are mostly influenced with the architecture style of 8th century. Great symbol of religious faith and belief and source of ultimate harmony of the state; you shall be more than amazed at visiting some of the temples.

Here are few shrines that you must visit in Rajasthan:

Monkey Temple: A Temple with a Difference

Situated about 10kms from Jaipur in Khania Balaji town, the Monkey Temple is also known as Galtaji Temple. A temple complex would be a better word to describe it as the other name as Monkey Temple can only be justified then. Amongst the many sacred shrines inside the temple structure you shall be more interested in going to Ramgopalji Temple where large groups of monkeys reside. Try not to carry any bags in your hand when you visit the Monkey temple, the notorious tribe of apes present here can be uninvited guests…LOL.

Dalhanpur Temple Ruins: Walk through the Royal Ruins

We know that history does intrigue you and that is why you are on Rajasthan tour. Just when you decide to visit those magnificent forts that blind you with their superlative architecture, you might consider visiting Dalhanpur Temple Ruins in Jhalawar district. It will be all together a new experience for you to visit this beautiful place that sprawls in the 2 sq km on the bank of the river Chappi (54kms from Jhalawar City). Carved Pillars, Sculptures and Torans are what will catch your eyes here.

Govind Dev Ji Temple: Worship the Prince of Vrindavan in Rajasthan

Situated in the famed City Palace is one place that you must visit in Jaipur. The temple is located between Chandra Mahal and Badal Mahal and is known for its gorgeous Radha Krishna deity. It is believed that after getting instructions in dreams from Govind Dev Ji (Lord Krishna), Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II got the idol from Vrinadavan to become the central deity in the City Palace complex. The gorgeous deity is not only impeccably beautiful but also demonstrates the strong faith of Rajasthan. Visit this pious shrine and be blessed.

Moti Dungari Temple: Seek Blessings of the Lord Ganesha

Influenced with the Scottish castle architecture, Moti Dungari Temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is highly revered. This 18th century temple sprawls in 2kms of area and is situated in the palace of Rajmata Gayatri Devi. The architecture of the temple and the central deity of Lord Ganesha is what you should look out for here.

Forts in Rajasthan:


Needless to reason why you should visit forts in Rajasthan! I mean nothing can over shine the charm of these grandiose…A reflection of creativity and the might of the rulers of  Rajasthan, these forts are something that you should set your eyes on when you are travelling to Rajasthan. Here are few forts and palaces that should be in your to do and see list for Rajasthan.

Sunset View of Jaiselmer Fort: Witness Nature’s Best

If given a chance, I can go on bragging about Jaisalmer Fort, which is also known as the Golden Fort or the Sonar Qila. Being one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan, the Jaisalmer Fort can amaze youwith the awe-inspiring architecture and let you enjoy some of the best sunset views in Rajasthan. I mean there is nothing better than watching the sun going down from the Bada Bagh Cenotaphs… the feeling is simply indescribable! If in case you are in Jaisalmer, this is one of the things to do in Rajasthan for you!

City Palace and Museum: Stroll in the Royal Alleys

Located in the heart of the city of Jaipur, City Palace is one of the most important places of tourist interest in Rajasthan. The majestic residence of the royal Kachwaha Rajput clan gives you plenty of reasons to visit this place. You shall fall in love with the architecture and the grandness of this palace and shall be out of words with the rich collection of antiques that this palace showcases in its recently converted museum. The Peacock gate is yet another attraction of City Palace. Visit here to woo yourself with the lifestyle of royals!

Amer Fort: Nothing Short of a Fairyland

Now this piece is a classic, right from the fairyland! Amer Fort is situated 11kms from Jaipur and is known  for its marvelous architecture. Each portion of the palace is exquisitely designed and will leave you awe-inspired! The superlative mirror work inside the palace is the main attraction of Amer Fort. An elephant ride to the gateway of the fort and the evening Light and Music show is what you are going to love here. There is no way that you can miss out on this masterpiece in your Rajasthan tour.

Jal Mahal: Fall in Love with Jaipur

Breathtaking is what anyone who visits Jal Mahal for the first time exclaims AND truly it is! Built in somewhere around 1738, Jal Mahal as the name suggests is situated amidst the Man Sagar Lake. Used earlier as a lavish spot where the Kings and Queens hosted duck hunting parties, you can today as well rediscover the chronicles of golden time here.

Jantar Mantar: Observe the Wonderful Astronomical Heritage

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II’s masterpiece indeed! Reflecting his love for science, Jantar Mantar is one of the best places to visit in Jaipur. The structure is honoured as the World Heritage Site in India under the criteria III and IV. The lavish observatories have approximately 14 geometric devices that were used for measuring time, tracking constellations and observing the orbits around the sun. If these reasons are not enough, I recommend that you visit Jantar Mantar and experience the charm by yourself.

Nahargarh Fort: Witness the Resplendent Vista of Jaipur

Another jewel from the lap of Jaipur, Nahargarh Fort is yet another place to see in Rajasthan. Nahargarh is named after Nahar Singh, who is believed to have haunted the place and hindered the construction of this palace. The legend has it that in order to pacify the spirit of Nahar Singh a temple was constructed in the palace. You shall love the architecture here, the perfect blend of Indo-European style and the surrounding beauty makes this place a treat for tourists in Jaipur.

Jaigarh Fort: Celebrate the Victory of Royalty

Reckoned to be the part of Amber Fort, as the fort is believed to be attached with the later through a passage, Jaigarh or Victory Fort is another marvelous example from the book of Rajputs. Visit the Cannon foundry situated inside the fort and also witness the then world’s largest cannon known as Jaivan Cannon here. You shall also love the view from the top of the fort that overlooks the Aravalli Hills.

Ishwari Minar Swarga Sal: Stand Tall and Enjoy the View

If you are somewhere around Tripolia Gate, you can see this structure standing tall! The Ishwari Minar is in fact the tallest building in Jaipur and that   is the reason why you should visit it. You can climb up to the top of the minar to get the splendid view of the old city, for which the stairs lay well from the busy market of Chandpol. Trust me, you can’t get a better view of the old city from anywhere else than this!

Umaid Bhawan Palace: Enjoy the Regal Walk

I am not sure how many of us can afford to stay in this palace, which has partly been converted in to a hotel by Taj BUT all I know is that one can certainly pay a day visit to this spectacular regal mansion situated in Jodhpur. You will fall in love with the architecture here as this palace offers an opportunity to a detail tour inside it.

Sheesh Mahal: All that Glitter is Mirror

Why Sheesh Mahal has been mentioned in the list individually when we have already spoken about Amer Fort in Jaipur? Well, the answer is simple! It simply needs special attention! The palace’s interior made largely of mirror, coloured glass and mosaic and with the petite of light the palace starts to glitter spectacularly. Therefore Sheesh Mahal is indeed one place that must be visited in Rajasthan.

Hawa Mahal: Rendezvous with the Royalty

A prominent landmark of Jaipur, Hawa Mahal is one place that you have to stop by. Although a part of the City Palace, this edifice needs special mention due to its architecture exceptionality. Relive the experience of watching the streets of Jaipur from here just like the women of the royal family who used to observe everyday life activities from the Jharokhas or Windows here.

Gatore ki Chhatriyan: Where the Royal Lay at Peace

Once a cremation ground for the royals of Rajasthan, at Gatore ki Chhatriyan (Near Nahargarh Fort) you can see another marvel of Rajput architecture. Cenotaphs or Chhatriyan, which are built as a memoir for each royal heir who was cremated here have concreted a fabulous structure that now holds exemplary architectural importance. You shall like queer peace that you experience only here and of course architecture does not fail this structure as well.

Chittorgarh Fort: the Rajput’s Masterpiece

Considered one of the largest forts in India, the majesty of Chittorgarh Fort can by no means be ignored. This is one of the prime heritage sites in Rajasthan and is known for architectural grandeur and the massive structures …Truly the ROYAL reflection of Rajasthan!

Activities in Rajasthan:


Like I said, Rajasthan is the kaleidoscope and to experience it to the fullest, you have to come out of your comfort zone. There is adventure waiting on each street and corner of Ranjasthan AND all you have to do is to look for it whole heartedly. Let me give you a head start, so you can decide well what your choices for activities in Rajasthan are.

Choki Dhani Ethnic Resort: Experience Authentic Rajasthani Hospitality

Hospitable… treat for gastronomists… heaven for luxury seekers… YES that’s Chokhi Dhani for you! If you are in Jaipur and you haven’t visited Chokhi Dhani then you are at a loss. This is one place that gives you the real idea of hospitality and culture in Rajasthan. Staying here or merely eating here is up to your budget, rest visiting here is a must! Serving the Rajasthani cuisine with incredibly warm heart and putting up the cultural show that will woo you in an instant… YOU just can’t help but fall in LOVE with this place.

Camel Breeding Farm: Get Up Close to Ship of the Desert

OK, this is one of those offbeat activities in Rajasthan that I believe one must take up. You can visit this special Camel Breeding Farm situated near Bikaner, where research on camels takes place. This place is open for visitors between 10 AM to 5 PM everyday and one can enjoy camel ride and ice cream made of camel’s milk here. It is one of its kinds of experience and I recommend that you must go for it!

Dune Bashing: Let the Adrenaline Take Over

Aah! Just what you need in the great Thar Desert! Dune Bashing has become extremely popular in Rajasthan, especially in Jaisalmer. A revived form of adventure, where you get to seat yourself on a jeep and loiter through the rugged desert in order to destroy the sand dunes, it is indeed adventure at its best!

Gypsy Snake Dance: Get Jiggy with the Kalbeliyan Tribe

You are simply going to LOVE it! Visit Jodhpur and you shall come across this hypnotizing performance by the nomadic tribe of Rajasthan called Kalbeliya Tribe. Watch the brave Kalbeliya men who defang the snakes and watch the lovely Kalbeliya women dance to the tune of flute. Their rhythmically wriggling slender waists can compete to any of those international belly dancers… At Jodhpur you are certainly up for some memorable time!

Vintage Car Rally: Watch the Old Beauties Taking the Ramp Again

Just when you think that you have seen enough in Jaipur, you are again stung with a surprise. You shall be feeling enthralled if you have visited Rajasthan in January and February. The serpentine streets are taken over by the roars of Vintage cars at the Vintage Car Rally that is held annually about the same time. The royal march of cars will leave you awe-inspired for sure!

Abhaneri Step Well: Exalt the Marvel of Imperial Architecture

Similar to Rani ki Vav (Now UNESCO World Heritage Site in India), the Abhaneri Step Well or the Chand Baori in Dausa district is definitely a places to see. An ancient structure created in the 8th or 9th century to harvest rain water, it is something you must see in Rajasthan. You shall be impressed with the colossal size and architecture of this step well.

Royal Elephant Polo: An Experience of the Lifetime

Elephant rides are common in Rajasthan as it is a royal house of India BUT how about Royal Elephant Polo? Well, you can’t participate in the game for that matter but of course you can watch a lively game of Elephant Polo in Jaipur. An experience of its kind, you are promised a cheerful event!

Shilpgram Museum: Ethnicity Welcomes You

We all go to Rajasthan for authentic culture hunting isn’t it? Well, if that is the case then Shilpgram Museum near Udaipur has to be included in the list of places to see in Rajasthan. Exhibiting the lifestyle and culture of the state, Shilpgram Museum will be your guide to Rajasthan for sure. The museum is situated only 3kms from Udaipur and thus can be easily reached.

Speed Boating: An Adventure Ride that You Shall Cherish

It’s time for some fun AND speed boating in the Fateh Sagar Lake- an ideal activity to do in Rajasthan. In the hot climate of Udaipur, you shall love to get splashes of water over you while you ride a high speed boat. An absolute rejuvenation is guaranteed! The boat ride is available all year round between 8.00 AM to 4.30 PM.

Trekking in Alwar: Traverse through Distinct Rajasthan 

Adventure enthusiasts! Here is something that you are going to enjoy to the core…Trekking in Alwar. Unlike any place in Rajasthan, Alwar is blessed with lush green hills and salubrious climate and trekking in Alwar during winters can be an ideal activity for all you adventure buffs. Sariska-Alwar-Amber is the popular trekking trail. However, if you are running short of time or looking for an easy trek then you can trek to Naldeshwar, where the famous Mahadeva temple resides.

Watch Puppet Show: Long Live the Traditional Entertainment Realm

This is one of those things that you cannot afford to miss out in Rajasthan AND if in case you are at Thar Heritage Museum in Jaisalmer, you must stop by to watch the Puppet Show in the evening. Also, make sure to visit this private museum where the owner takes you on tour of the same himself. You shall be extremely impressed for his love for Rajasthan and his knowledge about the same.
Zip Lining and Flying Fox: Swing in the Royal Air
Adventure comes handy in Rajasthan and I am sure you will be interested in taking activities like zip lining and flying fox here. There are basically two places that you can enjoy these activities in Rajasthan one at Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur and the other at Neemrana Fort, which is at a small distance from Delhi. Enjoy the splendid top view of the Chokelao garden and Rani Ser Lake while zip lining in Mehrangarh Fort.

Trekking in Mount Abu: To the Woods We Go!

This trek in Mount Abu is more like a wildlife exploration. Organized by a person called Charles, you can be a part of something unforgettable in Rajasthan. You have the choice here to decide which type of trek you want to opt as there are half day, full day and overnight treks available. Interact with the villagers while you choose for an overnight trek and if you are lucky you might be able to spot many wild species as well…All together a fabulous experience!

Enjoy the Nightlife at Klay Oven: Become the Creature of the Night

Although nightlife is not a very popular culture in Rajasthan, you will have a night of your life in Jodhpur! Take the night slow while you sit in this posh club Klay Oven that overlooks Mehrangarh Fort and Umaid Bhawan Palace. Enjoy some classy cocktails or two and try some great flavours of Hookah here along with losing yourself to some brilliant music! If you are looking for a place to party in Jodhpur, your search ends at Klay Oven!

Bicycle through Jaipur: Peddle on the Royal Pavements

One of the most wonderful experiences in Rajasthan or to be precise in Jaipur would be to bicycle around the city. There are many operators who tailor special interest bicycle tour in Rajasthan and trust me if you want to see the real Jaipur, there isn’t a better way than to bicycle your way around.

Pony Ride at Nakki Lake: Ride a Good Horse!

It is indeed a great feeling to ride a pony to stroll along lakeside. It is in fact one of things that you must try in Rajasthan and the best place to do so would be Nakki Lake in Mount Abu. You can easily get a pony for a ride here that takes you from one end of the lake to the other. Also, you have the great opportunity to capture some of the best views of Rajasthan here.

Spend a Day with Elephants at Dera Amer: An Elephant’s Day Out!

Have you ever thought of giving an elephant a shower or painting its trunk? Well, if you have and you have the desire to do so, Dera Amer is a place for you. Located near Jaipur, Dera Amer is a wonderful place to be at! Besides giving a bath to an elephant and painting its trunk, you can enjoy sumptuous meals here and can also take up trekking to the nearby forest.

Watch a Movie at Raj Mandir Cinema: Get Classy at Cinema 

An opulent movie theatre, Raj Mandir is the major attraction in Rajasthan tourism. The meringue-style architecture keeps it class apart and you shall learn why once you get inside it (Although it is quite tough to get a ticket when a new movie is released). However, if you are adamant to see this place, you won’t be disappointed; our suggestion is to book a ticket well in advance!

Visit Bundi: Go Down Royal Memory Lanes

Wander through the serpentine alleys of this quaint-style city. A popular travel destination, Bundi will take you down royal memory lanes. Adding to this exciting visit is the view of the Bundi Palace that seem to protrude from chain of hills here… MAGNIFICENT view it has! 60 step well, lake and markets all add to your cherishable memories of Rajasthan.

Participate in the Kite Festival: Make a Rainbow of Your Own

Makar Sankranti is the time that you have chosen to go to Rajasthan, then you must visit Jodhpur, where the annual Kite Festival takes place. The view is surreal with thousands of small and big kites soaring up in the sky… it is a rainbow REDEFINED! This festival has gain international popularity as well, so don’t be surprised if you see many foreign tourists competing here.

Visit National Parks: Listen to the Wildlife Calling

There is always a wildlife calling in Rajasthan! Amongst many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, you are suggested to go to Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur, Sariska Tiger Reserve in Alwar and Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur. Enjoy jeep safari and spotting tigers like Machhli (Ranthambore) and several species of birds (Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary) in these famous National Parks in Rajasthan.

Have Lassi: Sip and Slurp the Indian Beverage

If you are in Jaipur and you haven’t tasted the special Lassi at Lassiwala then you are certainly missing on something great! I suggest you pay a visit to Lassiwala that stand opposite Niro’s and serve absolutely creamy Indian beverage. Do not be fooled, there are many Lassiwala shop in this area, but the real one is marked with the SHOP NO. 312.

Experience Hot-Air Ballooning: Soar Up in the Sky Keep the Eagle’s Eye!

One of the most hair-raising experiences that one could come across is Hot-Air Ballooning. Soaring high in the sky and the view of the vista of the marvelous land of Rajasthan…what more could you wish for? You can try hot-air ballooning at Pushkar, Jaipur and Ranthambore. It is indeed one of the best experiences that you can avail yourself in Rajasthan.
Visit Bhangarh: Be Ready to be Thrilled

Looking for an extra dose of thrill? Then you must visit Bhangarh Fort in Alwar district of Rajasthan. The fort remains in ruins and is believed to be haunted and is in fact one of the proven most haunted places in India. You can visit this fort during the day time and listen to plethora of eerie stories from locals about how spooky this place is.

 Ajmer Sharif: Let There be Showers of Blessings

The holy resting ground of Sufi Saint Moinuddin Chishti, Ajmer Sharif has become one of the major attractions in Rajasthan. Situated in Ajmer, this sacred shrine is known for granting people their wishes. Well, reason may be any, but this is certainly one place that you must see in Rajasthan.

Visit Rural Rajasthan: Catch the Traditional Rajasthan Live

A tour to rural Rajasthan has become an essential part of state tourism. Considered an offbeat activity to do in Rajasthan, in which will take you on a graceful journey through the alleys of traditional Rajasthan. Visit the Bishnoi and Pali and get the taste of culturally rich state here.

Visit Anokhi Museum of Hand Painting: Marvel at the Rajasthani Skills

A museum well-maintained inside a restore Haveli, Anokhi Museum exhibits the brilliant skill of block printing. This three-storied museum also showcases exemplary collection of fabric and its print. It is one of those offbeat places to visit in Rajasthan that highly enlighten you about this much-skilled state.

Fairs to Attend in Rajasthan:


Colourful Rajasthan and its multi-hued festivals, this is one thing that attracts tourists here. Most of the festivals in Rajasthan revolves around animal trade and cultural celebrations and distinctively marked by dance and music. On your Rajasthan trip; do not forget to include attending one of these exhilarating fairs happening every now and then in the state.

Nagaur Fair: Make Merry and Enjoy the True Colour of Rajasthan

One of the largest cattle fair in Rajasthan, Nagaur Fair is held in the city of Nagaur (Between Jodhpur and Bikaner). Decorated animals, Long Mustache Men, Colourful Turbans and Dance and Music… You are guaranteed the time of your life here!

Ganguar Mela: Imbue in the Vivid Colours of Rajasthan

Soak yourself in the colours of Rajasthan at Gangaur Mela, which is celebrated after Holi. In this festival the unmarried women worship Hindu Goddess Gauri aka Parvati. Traditional display of dance and music ensures a cheerful event to witness to all tourists here.

Pushkar Camel Fair: Witness the Unparalleled 

An enthralling 5 days fair, Pushkar Camel Fair is something that you should see in Rajasthan. Taking place during the months of October and November, you are likely to imbue yourself in the true colours of Rajasthan. Camel Race, Camel Decoration competition and the completion for longest mustache are the major attractions of Pushkar Camel Fair.

Shopping in Rajasthan:


A shopper’s paradise, Rajasthan has all it takes to woo you BIG TIME! Jewellery, pottery, leather items, paintings, textiles, stone items, wooden furniture…WHOA the list just doesn’t end! Shopping is one activity in Rajasthan that you have to take up. Here are few places that you must visit in Rajasthan for shopping.

Sadar Bazaar: Shop till You Drop!

This flea market in Jodhpur will leave you gasping for sure! You can find everything and trust me EVERYTHING here and that too at reasonable prices… of course like many Indian markets bargaining is the KEY here as well.

Johri Bazaar: Shop for Women’s Best Friend

A tourist attraction in almost all its ways, Johri bazaar has its own set of fans! You are likely to find exquisite pieces of gold and silver jewellery. So, make sure to visit this place if in case you are in Jaipur.

Shopping For Kagzi Pottery: Take Back Home a Mini Rajasthan

Shop for one of the rare artwork in Rajasthan called the Kagzi Pottery of Paper Thin Pottery. These make for some lovely souvenirs that you would love to take back.  If you are in Alwar, you are strongly recommended to visit one of the markets where Kagzi pottery is available.
I am sure the list of things to do in Rajasthan must have incited an urge in you to visit this wonderful state. Honestly it is Bizzare! And I must admit that when I started writing this blog I was running out of ideas BUT now when the 50 things to do in Rajasthan have come to an end I still have a collection of activity suggestions that I would have included… Rajasthan, YOU are truly the essential part of INCREDIBLE INDIA! I strongly insist that you make this diverse state that displays several shades of life and culture your next holiday destination.